About us

Petsanduss is a dedicated pet store where we provide all kinds of pet food products and the best grooming service. We care for your pets as much as you do. It is only our care that strives us to keep bringing the best food products for them and take care of them as our own family.

Our Vision

PetsandUss has only one vision and that is to keep your pets healthy and active. Since we understand that pets are an essential part of your family and being pet lovers and pet parents ourselves, we started this company with a vision to provide the best service and genuine and safe pet products from only the renowned brands. Here at PetsandUss, you will find all kinds of tasty treats for your beloved dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, birds, and for all other types of pets. Feed them good food and watch them growing healthier day by day.

Feel confident when you shop from us because we will never sell anything which will cause harm to your pets. We have pets at our homes too and we know why you want the best for them.

Our Story

Being pet parents and animal lovers, we started this company to provide the safest products for all kinds of pets. The treats and snacks that you will see on our list are from tops brands. We maintain quality and integrity. We have seen our pets running with excitement when they are fed the right kind of food, we have seen them jumping with joy when they are given toys, and unfortunately, we have also felt the pain when they leave us and that’s what made us start this company. We want to love and care for every pet. PetsandUss is more than just any pet store. It is about giving your pets an excellent facility with care.
Along with delivering food supplies and toys right to your doorstep, we also run a pet grooming salon. Bring them to us and see them smiling. Here at PetsandUss, you will find every pet products under just one roof.

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